My Unspoken

Feelings…more feelings…alone…thinking of the best way forward. I tend to think that I’m an open book, one clear enough for all to see right through me, but this is not the case. Who am I ? What purpose do I have in this life? Am I valuable enough to those around that they’d rather have me around rather than gone? I would pay a fortune just to have these questions answered, as then and only then would I be at peace.

In this life, I have been privileged enough to have folks that are loving, family members that are definitely irreplaceable and friends who make me feel more alive whenever I’m around them. But even with all these, I still feel empty inside such that the sense of loneliness creeps in more than it ought to. I often find myself in seclusion, just trying to understand myself. I’m one who loves the company of others, but at times, ok most times, I retreat to a silent place with the hope that I can truly know myself, know my strengths, my weaknesses, know what makes me TRULY happy, and what would bring the she-devil out of me. Not only this, but also how I can keep my principles in check, know when not to overstep a set boundary, how to become a better daughter, sister, friend and later on a good wife and a loving mother.

I have so much bottled up inside me, ever since I became aware of my conscience, but as at now, words are incapable of bringing out my true emotions; my unspoken self.

Gift of Guilt

Source of Inspiration


Follow your guilt
for it is your soul
talking to you
making you feel uncomfortable
showing you what needs attention.

Love yourself more than
your need to please others.
Let go of needing acceptance
release the need to fix, save
rescue others.
Let others live their lives
to learn from their experiences.
You do the same.

The best way to help others
is to live the life you
want them to have.
Practice allowing
which creates space
for others to find
their own answers.
Become selfish
live your own life
to its fullest–a life of love.

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